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The Frequentis group is very active in promoting its offerings to the marketplace. Through a constant stream of news we intend to create an informative outbound information flow. The topics shared in this section highlight the latest publications of collaterals.


AIM, aeronautical information management, CADAS, charting, AIP, aeronuatical information publication

New AIM collaterals: product brief and use case on CADAS-AIP and CADAS-Charting

We have new AIM collaterals available: CADAS-AIP, CADAS-Charting, and a use case on authoring and publication of  aeronautical information and charting. You can find them in the products & solutions section on our AIM page.


Product Brief: PRISMA-SNET

PRISMA-SNET is an essential module of the PRISMA ATM automation suite. As a prewarning  and alerting tool it helps air traffic controllers to identify potentially dangerous situations in time to take preventive action.

Product Brief: MSDF

Accurate and reliable surveillance information for all objects within an area of interest is essential for safe and efficient traffic management. The MSDF multi-sensor data fusion and tracking system forms the powerful processing centrepiece of the Frequentis group’s surveillance solutions.