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CAUG - Collaborative Aeronautical User Group


Collaborative Aeronautical User Group


CAUG/14 is scheduled to take place on 01 and 02 June 2021 in Karlsruhe, Germany. More information to follow.

About CAUG

CAUG Frequentis Comsoft and Frequentis California AMHS users

Frequentis Comsoft founded CAUG - the Collaborative Aeronautical User Group - in order to exchange information with all stakeholders involved in the future evolution of AMHS and SWIM. The goals of the Collaborative Aeronautical User Group are to share experiences, requirements and visions, to benefit from a joint strategy and forward planning and to evolve Comsoft’s & Frequentis’ AMHS portfolio.

CAUG provides a platform for open discussion within the group in order to

  • Facilitate the smooth introduction and global availability of AMHS,
  • Get a comprehensive view of the requirements and visions of the AMHS world,
  • Enhance the functionality, usability and quality of our message handling products,
  • Benefit from a joint strategy and planning, and
  • Get an insight on the Frequentis Group's message handling solutions and working procedures.


All operators of an aeronautical messaging product from the Frequentis Group are by default a stakeholder of the CAUG.

CAUG stakeholders are entitled to register members of their organisation as their representatives to the CAUG as member.To register a CAUG member, a person authorised by the CAUG stakeholder submits the full name, position and email address of the intended CAUG member for the attention of

Registrations remain valid until explicitly revoked by the CAUG member or by a person authorised by the respective CAUG stakeholder, until the relationship between the CAUG stakeholder and member is terminated, or until the CAUG stakeholder discontinues the operation of the related aeronautical messaging product from the Frequentis Group. An explicit revocation of membership should be addressed to

Registered CAUG members enjoy several benefits:

  • You will automatically receive invitations to, and information about, upcoming meetings of the CAUG.
  • If you are unable to attend the meetings, you will be able to review the presentations given during those meetings.
  • Occasionally, you will receive mailings presenting highlights of aeronautical messaging, related products and news regarding the CAUG.

Annual Meetings

Since the CAUG was founded in 2007, 54 organisations from 49 countries have joined the community. The annual meeting organised by the Frequentis Group steadily gains importance. As opposed to regional conferences, CAUG meetings bring together members from all ICAO regions to exchange their experience.