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ANSPs and air defence jointly discuss surveillance data distribution

participants of SDDS networking group

Frequentis Comsoft hosted the first Surveillance Data Distribution Solution Networking Group at the end of October to address user needs, exchange ideas and share current working practices with air traffic control and military organisations

The need to integrate an increasing number of surveillance systems, operating multiple, disparate systems can result in a situation where effective communications or data sharing is not possible. Replacing legacy systems is costly.  Frequentis Comsoft’s next generation of Surveillance Data Distribution Solution (SDDS-NG) bridges that gap, enabling all surveillance sensors, processing systems and other data users to connect seamlessly, organising disparate surveillance data services into a single infrastructure.

Multiple organisations from Europe took part in the networking group and the event began with a topical visit to the German ANSP Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) Area Control Centre (ACC) in Karlsruhe where participants could see first-hand how SDDS-NG plays a role in their daily operations.

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