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About FCO

About Frequentis Comsoft

Solutions for all phases of flight.

About Frequentis Comsoft

Frequentis Comsoft provides world-class software-centric solutions for aeronautical message handling, surveillance and ATM automation. Our product range covers the complete surveillance chain: from source to distribution to processing to display.

Safety culture is deeply embedded in Frequentis Comsoft’s DNA. Based on our long experience of supporting safety-critical environments, we help customers drive their operations in a sustainable, cost-efficient and effective way.

Frequentis Comsoft’s customers include civilian and military ANSPs, airports and airlines. Together with our parent group, the Frequentis Group, we participate in a number of major aviation industry bodies to help develop and maintain global standards.

In 2016, Frequentis Comsoft joined the Frequentis Group as its competence centre for surveillance and AMHS technologies. The Frequentis Group is one of the world’s leading providers of safety-critical communication and information solutions, and serves more than 500 organisations in 140 countries, across industries including aviation, defence, public safety, maritime and public transportation.

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Success Stories

Frequentis Comsoft plays a pioneering role in several key areas of the aviation industry, including surveillance data distribution, surveillance data processing and tracking, Aeronautical Message Handling Systems (AMHS), and Aeronautical Information Management (AIM). With a high-quality solution portfolio and an expert global team, Frequentis Comsoft continues to develop innovative solutions for the ATM market.

Since 2001, Frequentis Comsoft has acted as a key development and support partner to EUROCONTROL for the ARTAS (ATM suRveillance Tracker And Server) system, employed in tracking almost 90 percent of air traffic in Europe. More than 80 percent of all internationally recognised AMHS links incorporate at least one Frequentis Comsoft solution. Equally, Frequentis Comsoft surveillance solutions are deployed in more than 100 major surveillance distribution networks in use by more than 20 organisations.

Frequentis Comsoft is heavily involved in helping customers adapt to the demands of System Wide Information Management (SWIM) — a concept that promotes the interoperability and standardisation of ATM information throughout its lifecycle. MosaiX SWIM, the Frequentis integration platform, brings together all aviation stakeholders in a single environment — helping organisations achieve a seamless transition to the new way of working. In other forward-looking activities, we are heavily involved in developing solutions for drone detection and in the creation of SWIM-compatible ATM components such as our SafetyNets technology.


Working with customers in over 80 countries worldwide from every ICAO region, Frequentis Comsoft provides tailormade solutions for individual national or multinational aviation organisations, including civil and military ANSPs, international bodies, airports and airlines.

Over the course of the last 30 years we have delivered hundreds of major solutions worldwide. These include more than 100 systems in multinational surveillance data networks, large national control and monitoring networks, international AMHS switches to over 60 countries, more than 300 ADS-B sensors in extreme weather conditions, and more than 100 display and ATM automation solutions.

Selected Customers

Airservices, Australia
Bundesheer, Austria
Eurocontrol, Belgium
Airforce, Brazil
DGAC, Chile
Aerocivil, Colombia
Croatia Control, Croatia
Naviair, Denmark
EANS, Estonia
Finavia, Finland
DSNA, France
Sakaeronavigatsia, Georgia
DFS, Germany
Bundeswehr, Germany
Isavia, Iceland
AirNav, Indonesia
Oro Navigacija, Lithuania
MATS, Malta
Pansa, Poland
NAV, Portugal
Smatsa, Serbia and Montenegro
CAAS, Singapore
LPS, Slovakia
Slovenia Control, Slovenia
LFV, Sweden
FMV, Sweden
skyguide, Switzerland
armasuisse, Switzerland
CAA, Taiwan
GCAA, Abu Dhabi
INAC, Venezuela
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