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Austro Control continues to favour COMSOFT’s surveillance data validation tool RAPS

COMSOFT’s surveillance data support tool assists Austro Control with extensive data analysis

VIENNA/Austria, November 2015 – The national ANSP of Austria, Austro Control, has accepted COMSOFT’s versatile, EUROCONTROL qualified, ASTERIX test and reference tool RAPS-3, in order to heighten accurate evaluation of surveillance data from numerous data sources.

Austro Control is responsible for the safe and efficient handling of up to 4,000 flights per day air traffic in Austrian Airspace from nine radar stations at Buschberg, Feichtberg, Koralpe, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, Salzburg and Vienna. RAPS data analysis results will consequently come from 32 various data sources, including classic and military radars, seven Mode-S, 11 MLAT/WAM, ARTAS Tracker, STCA and ADS-B sensors.

RAPS-3 is the world’s first EUROCONTROL qualified ASTERIX test and reference tool, with an unmatched capability to validate, filter, convert, generate and simulate any kind of surveillance data.  COMSOFT’s strengths and core expertise in surveillance data technology led Austro Control to choose the German expert’s powerful and flexible RAPS-3 and, with site acceptance and training carried out last week in Vienna, the project has been completed on schedule.

Austro Control was one of the first users of COMSOFT’s RAPS-2 in 2001 and since introducing the new version has noticed its increased scope and added benefits in relation to their enhanced ADS-B and MLAT environment. 

A supplementary three-year support contract offers benefits such as express engineering support, free SW-updates, free updates due to ASTERIX evolutions and feature optimisation.

COMSOFT’s RAPS-3 is an advanced and versatile tool, of which more than 100 are in use around the globe for both civil and military customers, as well as manufactures of radar or surveillance data equipment. 

COMSOFT and Austro Control first worked together in 1998, when the Austrian ANSP chose COMSOFT for the supply of Radar Monitoring Display (RMD) for their ATCC in Vienna. This was followed by EUROCONTROL’s RMCDE, ATM Surveillance Tracker and surveillance data recording system in 2012. As one of the first RAPS-2 users Austro Control continues to rely on the next generation of this unmatched product.


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