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COMSOFT Solutions completes WAM Network for Poland Gdańsk Region

Comsoft Solutions’ Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) Network provides a high precision surveillance solution for Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA)

Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) has completed the installation of Comsoft Solutions WAM network, enabling high accuracy Multilateration coverage for an extended region around Gdańsk, based upon its Quadrant System.

WAM and ADS-B capabilities are provided by Comsoft Solutions’ ultra-compact remote sensors and interrogators linked to a Quadrant Central Processor, providing an unrivalled ADS-B range of 250 NM and a superior capability to secondary surveillance radar (SSR), with a higher update rate and greater accuracy. 

The system comprises nine Quadrant Sensors and four Quadrant Transmitters located at a number of sites around the area of Gdańsk. The new system provides PANSA with full Mode S surveillance capability, including Enhanced Surveillance, as well as continuing to support air traffic with existing Mode A/C technology. The system incorporates a dynamic interrogation management technique developed by Comsoft Solutions to ensure that only minimum interrogation rates and power are used for each aircraft, thus safeguarding the SSR radio frequencies against overuse.   

Poland’s increasing tourism and en-route air traffic through Eastern Europe makes advanced and superior surveillance essential.As well as supplementing existing radar in the central region, the WAM System extends coverage into areas not covered fully by the current Gdańsk radar. The flexible nature of WAM ensures a future upgrade path with the simple addition of new sensor sites, to further expand the coverage.     

PANSA has worked together with the German expert on various projects since 2004, starting with the installation of the Radar Message Conversion and Distribution Equipment (RMCDE) in Warsaw, followed by a countrywide surveillance data network, subsequently known as PRANET in 2008.  In 2013 PANSA also contracted the German expert for their market-leading AMHS solution, AIDA-NG. The Frequentis Group, who founded Comsoft Solutions*, also have a long-term partnership with PANSA. The first assignment was a voice communication system in Warsaw, and today Frequentis solutions are available on 340 working positions across Poland.