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COMSOFT Solutions’ SDDS-NG put into operation for Deutsche Flugsicherung, DFS

The deployment of the SDDS-NG network throughout Germany is well on schedule with the first nodes in Munich now transitioned to operational service

Comsoft Solutions’ state-of-the-art Surveillance Data Distribution System (SDDS-NG) is being deployed for German ANSP, DFS, to enable the advanced exchange of surveillance data over an IP-based network while still supporting the legacy serial lines used to interface existing radar systems. 

DFS entire Surveillance Data Network is centrally managed by Comsoft Solutions Network System Management and Control (NSMC) systems, thus enabling DFS to gain further efficiency in the management of the surveillance data network, deployed throughout Germany, by pooling system expertise.

More than three million aircraft take off from, land on, or fly over German territory each year, and the network of eight SDDS-NG systems, located at four German Air Traffic Control centres in Karlsruhe, Munich, Langen near Frankfurt and Bremen, will be of considerable benefit to German ATC. 

DFS SDDS-NG network will become fully operational at all sites in 2017, thus ensuring a smooth transition from the current RADNET, built on RMCDE network nodes, which will not be supported at the end of 2017. As a result, the operational capability of DFS will not be at risk when the DFS end-of-life RMCDE nodes are decommissioned. 

SDDS-NG facilitates a uniform connection of all surveillance sensors using the ASTERIX standard and was designed and developed to cover complete surveillance requirements, while complying with the latest safety standards. SDDS-NG is already operational at the Brazilian Airforce (Força Aérea Brasileira - FAB) on 22 radar sites, in Iceland within the system deployments of Quadrant and EUROCONTROL’s ARTAS and in Indonesia and Abu Dhabi in the scope of the Prisma ATM systems. The SDDS-NG installations in Estonia (EANS) and Portugal (NAV Portugal) have been completed by Comsoft Solutions and are expected to be taken into operation by the respective ANSPs within the next months.



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