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EUROCONTROL Commissioned Next Generation of COMSOFT's Enhanced Supervision Management System

EUROCONTROL have site accepted the successor of ETFMS' monitoring and control system realised by COMSOFT's ESMSv4.

BRUSSELS/BELGIUM, January 2011 - ESMSv4, the latest version of COMSOFT's universal Enhanced Supervision Management System, was site accepted in Brussels this month. It centrally monitors and controls EUROCONTROL's Enhanced Tactical Flow Management System (ETFMS) Data Collection and Data Distribution Systems (DCS/DDS). This modernisation measure, replacing the former version, was due to an increase in user numbers and requirements in recent years.

The new ESMSv4 is a highly scalable and open system monitoring tool based on a mainstream software package. It is preferably suited for heterogeneous, distributed and highly safety critical air traffic control infrastructures. In Brussels, it monitors the ETFMS DCS/DDS Systems and enables easy remote access to all its components via TCP/IP. Operational cutover of the new system is scheduled for early 2011. The former solution was implemented by COMSOFT in 2001 when the pan-European project was initially launched with 16 international participating ATC centres. Today, with over 40 data-contributing locations from 26 countries the architecture urged for a new central administrative supervision means, adapted to the high demands of contemporary communication standards and procedures.

ETFMS is a multinational programme for improved accuracy and better predictability of air traffic in the European air space. The Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) in Brussels collects surveillance and flight plan data from ATC centres throughout Europe and creates predictive traffic reports in order to balance capacity and demand.