Aeronautical Integrated Data Exchange Agent - Next Generation


AIDA-NG is our market-leading solution for uniform and reliable aeronautical message handling. It is based on the ECG software - developed on behalf of EUROCONTROL in 2002 - in order to bring uniformity to ground data networks.

AIDA-NG is a unified Message Handling System for AFTN, CIDIN, and AMHS, based on the ECG (EATM Communication Gateway) software designed in close cooperation with leading ANSPs, including DFS, NATS and EUROCONTROL.

AIDA-NG is the only AMHS/AFTN implementation on the market that provides fully integrated and uniform message handling facilities, such as efficient queue handling and tracing for all connected networks.

CADAS-ATS is the integrated client/server ATS terminal system for AFTN and AMHS complementing AIDA-NG. The messaging service is enhanced by flight planning capabilities for aeronautical offices, airlines and pilots.


  • Open and fault-tolerant architecture
  • Proven interoperability and standard conformance with AFTN/ CIDIN and AMHS
  • Support of the Basic and Extended
  • ATSMHS in conformance with ICAO Doc 9880
  • Multi-site configuration management
  • Available SOAP interface as foundation for integration with SWIM
  • Excellent performance and throughput capacity service

Detailed BrochureAIDA-NGpdf, 2 pages

Detailed BrochureCADAS-ATSpdf, 2 pages