Radar Message Conversion & Distribution Equipment

Surveillance Communication

Superiority in the field of data communication was our entry ticket to the ATC domain. In 1989 this led EUROCONTROL to entrust us with the development of the Radar Message Conversion and Distribution Equipment, popularly known as RMCDE, and the cornerstone of the European RADNET.

Frequentis Comsoft's Radar Message Conversion & Distribution Equipment is a powerful solution for the exchange of surveillance data. Today more than 100 installations of the RMCDE, in over 50 air traffic control centres, are operational. The equipment was the first system worldwide to implement the ASTERIX (All-purpose Structured EUROCONTROL Radar Information Exchange) standard and today represents the most mature ASTERIX engine on the market. 

Frequentis Comsoft can draw on virtually unlimited resources in terms of experience, and this is further underpinned by an unmatched track record of notable implementations in the surveillance domain.

Surveillance Networks

RMCDE became the foundation for the European RADNET, as well as further surveillance networks, for both civil and military applications. We not only draw on experience with the EUROCONTROL RADNET, but on numerous similar projects such as the Swedish SENDNET, the UK-RADNET, the Polish PRANET, the central European states network CERAN or the military version MilRADNET for the German Air Force.

Moreover, Frequentis Comsoft addressed individual customer needs for stand-alone solutions with dedicated features, as typically required in fall-back chains, and which can come in different forms in many ATC centres, commonly known as RCFEP, SDFEP or ADR.

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Major Benefits

The RMCDE is a powerful solution for the exchange of surveillance data. A rich set of conversion functions, the support of all kinds of communication interfaces, as well as the networking and filter capabilities of the RMCDE make it a supreme solution for a wide range of ATC environments.

  • Highly adaptable & expandable radar data communication processor due to modular design
  • Supports wide range of supported formats & protocols
  • Fault-tolerant hardware & software architecture
  • Outstanding reliability & availability properties
  • SNMP-based supervision & control
  • Powerful set of radar data conversion, distribution & filtering features
  • Native ASTERIX engine
  • Integrated ADS-B server

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In 2007, following almost two decades of deployment, and continuous enhancements and support to an ever growing circle of users, COMSOFT realised the need for the Next Generation of this powerful instrument. This kicked off the development of its natural successor, SDDS-NG, which was designed and developed to cover the entirety of the existing and imminent requirements of the surveillance domain.