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Surveillance data analysis supported by COMSOFT Solutions’ RAPS-3

COMSOFT Solutions’ surveillance support tool RAPS-3 provides accurate surveillance data evaluation and error diagnostics for ANSPs

RAPS-3 is the world’s first EUROCONTROL qualified ASTERIX test and reference tool, with an unmatched capability to validate, filter, convert, generate and simulate any kind of surveillance data. 

The German expert’s powerful and flexible RAPS-3 is a portable platform with a flexible approach to examining the quality and accuracy of surveillance data, while having a fully graphical user interface. The advanced and precise tool has over 100 systems in use around the globe for both civil and military customers, as well as a number of well-known radar manufacturers. In addition to the standard configuration, there is also the ability to provide user-specific formatting. 

RAPS is increasingly popular within the ATC community for error diagnostics on operationally running systems or test environments and the RAPS technology has been continuously developed and upgraded since the first implementation of ASTERIX in 1989. Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) is one of the many intensive RAPS-users in the areas of surveillance communication, data evaluation, ASTERIX data generation and technical simulation, as well as radar / ADS-B / MLAT and Tracker Analysis. 

DFS has ordered 25 systems over the years; currently 9 RAPS-3 systems are in operation and under a long-term support agreement. DFS also use RAPS as a Test and ASTERIX reference tool. The systems at DFS provide Test Flight Radar Data Analysis in cooperation with Deutsche Bundeswehr, data quality assessments, ASTERIX analysis, surveillance data comparison of information acquired from Mode-S (Airbus Defense) radar and reference data from flight recorders as well as preparation and pre-analysis of recorded surveillance data for further analysis in SASS-C.   

Comsoft Solutions’ RAPS-3 will be on display in Washington during the 61st annual ATCA exposition, October 17-19, 2016. For more information on how RAPS-3 can benefit your business, visit us, alongside Frequentis at booth 435.