ADS-B & Multilateration Solution

Modern Surveillance Techniques

Quadrant is a forward-thinking surveillance solution able to provide ADS-B and Multilateration on one single hardware platform.

With Quadrant ADS-B surveillance infrastructures can be increased without costly investments like radar. Quadrant uses advanced algorithms to provide independent, genuine 3D, position measurement using Multilateration (MLAT) techniques.

A single Quadrant sensor allows surveillance coverage to be extended to areas where surveillance was previously unavailable. Adding additional sensors can inexpensively extend coverage further until overlapping surveillance allows the option to move to MLAT.


  • Expandable and modular solution
  • Dynamic management of interrogation patterns according to aircraft capabilities and current states
  • Interrogation Power, Direction and Repetition Rate is managed dynamically
  • High performance receiver
  • Long term synchronisation after loss of GPS signal

Detailed BrochureQuadrantpdf, 2 pages

Success StoryADS-B in the land of fire
and ice
pdf, 2 pages

Success StoryNext generation surveillance at GdaƄsk for PANSApdf, 2 pages